Technical Support is an important part of the Akamai experience. Our team provides unrivaled expertise and support to keep your online business running smoothly 24/7.

    Akamai Open Developer API

    Developer Resources

    365体育网址 Registered members of the Akamai Developer Network gain access to in-depth information regarding Akamai solutions and technology.

    Luna Control Center

    Akamai Control Center

    365体育网址 The Akamai Control Center provides our customers with a fully automated customer support resource that is available 24 hours a day.

    365体育网址If you have purchased a product from Exceda, your Technical Support remains unchanged:

    For assistance in Latin America:

    365体育网址Support phone numbers:

    365体育网址+55 4302-6060 (Brazil)

    365体育网址+54 11 5277 3923 (Argentina)

    365体育网址+56 2 2665 9660 (Chile)

    365体育网址+52 55 4123 5168 (Mexico)

    Email Brazil:

    Email rest of LATAM:

    For assistance in the US:

    Support phone number: +1 954 228 1900 option 3


    Additional Resources

    • Contact Press Relations

      365体育网址To receive a copy of our press kit, please contact a member of our press relations staff.

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    • Contact Investor Relations

      Akamai is dedicated to providing high-quality service to its stockholders.

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    • Contact the Security Team

      For any security related questions, please contact our security team.

      To access the Akamai Security GPG Public Key, click here.

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    • Akamai Peering Information

      365体育网址Akamai Technologies (AS20940) operates the world's largest CDN. Peering with Akamai allows for faster and more direct delivery of an even more diverse set of content to your end user customers.

      You can become an Internet exchanges; Akamai operates with an open peering policy and we generally connect with route servers.

      Private peering is available for high-bandwidth peers. Please contact with inquiries. Our contains an up-to-date list of facilities where we maintain a presence.

      365体育网址Akamai does not operate a network, therefore you may see different prefixes at each point of interconnection. Different content may not be available in the cluster nearest to your network and thus could be served from elsewhere.

      Prolexic (AS32787), now a part of Akamai, is the leading DDoS mitigation service provider. We provide a cloud-based solution to customers worldwide and are present at .

      Peering with Prolexic offers a short path over which to offload DDoS traffic transiting your network as well as improved proximity to customers on our network, many of whom are well-known brands and household names.

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    • Report Abuse

      If after reviewing our FAQ, and working with your Internet and Software vendors, you would like Akamai to investigate the traffic you're seeing, you can initiate an Akamai Investigation.

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    • Contact the Webmaster

      Contact our Webmaster to get information or provide feedback about our website.

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    • End User FAQ

      365体育网址Find the answers to some of our end users' Frequently Asked Questions.

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