Akamai Network Operator Intro

Network Operator Solutions

365体育网址 Akamai helps network operators expand their service offerings and run their networks cost effectively.

Akamai Security and Personalization Services (SPS) are designed to protect consumers, small businesses, and network assets from threats. DNS infrastructure (DNSi) licensed, cloud and “as a Service” options provide the foundation for responsive and reliable networks. Dedicated Video Delivery solutions optimize broadcast quality while reducing complexity and maximizing network efficiency and agility.

    Learn how smart DNS resolvers can enable a better, safer, Internet

    Security and Personalization Services

    • SPS Secure Business

      365体育网址Offer small and midsize business subscribers an easy-to-use, value-added service that deters security threats and allows them to filter inappropriate content in their workplace. Get to market faster with a cloud-based version of Secure Business that’s deployed and managed by Akamai.

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    • SPS Secure Consumer

      365体育网址Offer households a value added service that protects them from web threats like phishing and malware, and allows them to personalize their internet access to match their preferences and values.

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    • SPS ThreatAvert

      365体育网址Deploy automated defenses against threats like bots and DNS-based DDoS that can severely stress service provider networks and degrade the subscriber experience.

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    • SPS Reach

      Communicate with subscribers using in-browser messages that engage and inform them while they’re active online.

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    • SPS Secure Public Wi-Fi

      Deliver cyberthreat protections and support Acceptable Use Policies for small and midsize businesses that offer guest or public Wi-Fi

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    DNS Infrastructure

    • DNSi CacheServe and AnswerX

      365体育网址Implement feature-rich DNS resolvers (deployed as cloud, managed, or licensed SW) that improve network responsiveness, manage unwanted traffic, and enable premium services for homes and businesses.

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    • DNSi Big Data Connector

      Integrate live streamed DNS and security data into open big data platforms to support reporting and analytics for operations, forensics, and management teams

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    • DNSi AuthServe

      Enable high-performance, always-on name services at massive scale to ensure web, video, VOIP and other applications are visible and available to everyone on the Internet

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    Dedicated Video Delivery