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Akamai Free Trials

Delight your customers with the
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    It’s easy to get started, and there’s no commitment.

    365体育网址We make it easier for businesses around the world to deliver the best and most secure digital experiences. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Whether you’re interested in faster performance, stronger security, or seamless media delivery (or all three), our free trials let your business take Akamai for a test run.

    365体育网址Start your free trial, and see what a difference having the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform on your side can make.

    Step 1 to get a Free Trial

    Step 1Fill out the free trial request form.

    Step 2 to get a Free Trial

    Step 2Verify your information via email.

    Step 3 to get a Free Trial

    Step 3Experience the power of the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform.

    365体育网址Cloud Security Trials

    365体育网址Drawing on the massive reach and intelligence of our platform, our security solutions are designed to evolve faster than your attackers, so you can better protect your business and your customers.

    365体育网址Simplified DDoS and Application-Layer Security

    365体育网址Web Application Protector

    Make security easier with a web application firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection solution that is fast to deploy and easy to manage — even for organizations without a dedicated security staff or training.

    Secure Application Access on Any Device, Anywhere

    Enterprise Application Access

    365体育网址A lifesaver for businesses that have employees or contractors working remotely or around the world. This trial offers simple and secure third-party application access, and is easy for IT to manage and implement.

    Automated, Proactive Protection Against Malware and Other Advanced Threats

    Enterprise Threat Protector

    Powered by real-time intelligence and threat monitoring, this trial enables security teams to proactively identify, block, and mitigate targeted threats — before an IP connection is made.

    365体育网址Web Performance Trials

    365体育网址Don’t make your customers wait another second. Our web performance solutions deliver fast, dynamic digital experiences that increase engagement and conversions.

    365体育网址Maximize Mobile and Web User Experiences


    Machine learning that adapts to your apps, content, and users to deliver the best digital experience automatically. Our all-in-one flagship performance solution for websites and mobile apps.

    Real User Monitoring


    Optimize your mobile and web application performance today. mPulse Lite is free to use with no end date and no purchase necessary, and it starts with a 30-day trial of mPulse. Measure what matters.

    Deliver Rich, Dynamically Generated Web Content

    365体育网址Dynamic Site Accelerator

    Improved reliability, offload, and network performance over your original web infrastructure, while handling the specific requirements of dynamically generated content at scale.

    Manage Videos and Images

    Image Manager

    Create, store, and manage derivative digital assets. Deliver them with the optimal quality, format, and size specifically tailored for every end-user device, browser, and operating system.

    Media Delivery Trials

    365体育网址Whether you’re live streaming a national event, hosting global multiplayer gaming, or just trying to get some reliable product demos on your site, our media delivery solutions make it possible to deliver a seamless experience.

    Uninterrupted, Scalable Video Streaming

    365体育网址Adaptive Media Delivery

    365体育网址Try this if your business depends on reliable, broadcast-quality video streaming. No matter how large your audience is or where they’re located, we make it possible.

    Deploy Video Playback Quickly and Easily for Major Platforms

    365体育网址Adaptive Media Player

    365体育网址Insert high-quality, responsive media playback into your web pages and applications using Adaptive Media Player.

    365体育网址Faster Downloads and Better Completion Rates

    365体育网址Download Delivery

    If you’re serving large, file-based digital media to your customers, such as games or software, this is for you. It’s proven to improve completion rates through better performance and monitoring.

    What else should I know?

    What do I need to request a trial?

    365体育网址Full name, business email, phone number, and company name are required. No payment information is required to start an Akamai free trial.

    What is the duration of my trial?

    Trials are free for 30 days, beginning on the day your trial credentials are issued.

    What happens when my trial period ends?

    365体育网址You will be notified before your trial expires and you can decide if you want to continue using the Akamai solution. If you do, an account representative will assist you. If you don’t, your access to the Akamai service will be disabled. You can always come back to upgrade your subscription to resume your service at any time.

    365体育网址How long will it take to receive my credentials?

    365体育网址You should receive your credentials via email within one hour of requesting the trial. Once you receive the credentials, you will be able to log into the configuration environment to start your trial.